March 2nd, 2022by

Wordle is a word guessing game created by a software engineer for his partner to play. It’s roughly based on the children’s game hangman and more closely based on a variant called Jotto – which was converted to a TV gameshow in the 1980s, called Lingo. It was made in the summer of 2021 and…

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HQ Trivia Answers

February 7th, 2018by

HQ Trivia is the hottest game on mobile since Pokemon Go! Everyone is playing. It’s been featured on too many daytime talk shows, late night hipsters shows and social media vlogs to mention. If you’ve never played, you should download and install it immediately. HQ Trivia is a live trivia game show right on your…

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Celebrity Smashup

February 1st, 2018by

I’ll be honest . . . . I don’t pay much attention to reality television or the celebrity gossip news items that seem to dominate the internet these days. It’s fine if others enjoy the fodder, but I just don’t find it interesting. Based on the interesting graphics, I decided to give Celebrity Smashup a…

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Emoji Pop Quiz

November 7th, 2017by

The Emoji phenomenon continues to evolve and grow. Apple releases a new phone and magically, the emoji universe explodes. Emoji Pop Quiz takes common popular references and turns them into emoji clues. Your objective is to see the emoji and guess the puzzle phrase. If you are successful you earn bananas, which I find humorous…

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Pretty Riddles

September 9th, 2017by

I tend to download new freemium mobile apps two to three times per month. I enjoy seeing what developers are releasing, writing my opinion about the apps and then eventually moving on to new releases. One of the apps I downloaded last week was Pretty Riddles. I’ve been focusing on puzzlers, room escape and word…

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Combo Pic

June 9th, 2017by

Combo Pic is another entrant into the “Pictures = Words” genre. One of the most intriguing things about this game is that it goes with a 2 pictures concept that makes each level, no matter how low, a challenge. 4 Pictures might tend to give you easier hints and make things repetitive or help breakdown…

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October 30th, 2015by

If you are a fan of Sim City or Farmville, this game is going to fit nicely in your proverbial “wheelhouse.” Pure and simple, this game is a city builder. Planting crops that feed your livestock (Sheep, Chicken, Bees, Cows, Pigs) is the start of the process. The by-product of your livestock being fed results…

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Wordfeud Cheat

September 3rd, 2015by

Wordfeud was the original Scrabble clone for the Android platform.  4 Years later, it’s still going strong as one of the top games on Google Play.  The developers have since launched a version for iOS as well, which is available for all Apple devices.  The main difference in Wordfeud and Scrabble is just the board…

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The Guides Walkthrough

September 1st, 2015by

The Guides is a new puzzle game for iOS available now on the App Store. It consists of hundreds of puzzles, codes and ciphers to solve. In addition to the beautiful design of the game, the puzzles themselves are very well thought out and the solutions all make sense once you solve them. That being…

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4 Pics 1 Band

May 5th, 2014by

True to the graphic puzzler genre, 4 Pics 1 Band gives a music theme to the category. Available on Facebook, 4 Pics 1 Band follows the traditional gameplay by featuring 4 images of normal, every day items, to help illustrate the name of the band. If you are an audiophile or music lover of any…

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