100 Doors X

100 Doors

100 Doors is one of the mainstays in the room escape genre. The concept is that you are stuck inside a room and the only way out is to open the door. Each room represents a puzzle and your objective is to conquer all elements within the puzzle, to unlock the door.

This genre is a blast because the developers really push you to think outside-the-box and it’s nice to not always play the different shooting games on the market. This game, as well as the entire genre, force you to use your critical thinking cap to advance to the next level. Interactivity is great for this game, as some rooms might have you tilting your device in any direction, shaking, playing with the volume, swiping your fingers on the touch screen and more.

The developers on many of these apps leave me pondering my intellect (lack of), as I frequently have to visit sites like 100 Doors Walkthrough or FreeAppGG. The only downside to playing 100 Doors is that there aren’t any boosts or legitimate help options to give you a clue, so if you should get stuck on a level, look to one of those cheat sites, as a great resource.