Dooors is just one of several apps that make up the popular room escape genre. There are 2 versions of this game that players enjoy -Dooors and Dooors 2. This game focuses more on the complexity of the puzzles, rather than gorgeous graphics. The graphics are decent, but middle-of-the-road, as far as the user interface goes.

The objective of Dooors is to figure out how to open up the door and leave the room, hence room escape. The brilliant part about this app is that it uses all aspects of your smartphone or tablet. Some levels require you to tilt your device to the right or left to roll objects away from the door. Others require you to tap your finger quickly to find clues. Some levels even require you to turn up the volume or shake the device.

This game provides a lot of fun and if room escape games are what you enjoy, this is a nice compliment to several others in the market. The developers behind these apps are highly creative and each game provides a different perspective to the craft. There are several different walkthrough sites that can help you. I prefer Dooors Walkthrough because it has video walkthroughs for both versions of the game.