What’s The Saying


What’s The Saying is yet another variation within the “What’s The” franchise. By catering the same game concept to different items of interest, they are able to attract a wider variety of players, based on their own interests. This is a strategy that is new to me. I guess some of the blame/credit, depending on your opinion, can be directed to Rovio, who has numerous different versions of Angry Birds.

One of the more popular graphic trivia apps for Android devices, What’s The Saying groups their levels differently. Level 1 consists of 40 puzzles and in order to advance to the next level, you have to complete them all. The interesting twist on this game is that there is only one picture area and the developers have utilized smart Typography and a vintage color palette to give you hints for the secret word. There seems to be a trillion different levels and Whats The Saying Answers has all of them. If you are an Android owner, looking for clues to beat the game, this is your best bet.