4 Pics 1 Band

4 Pics 1 Band Answers

True to the graphic puzzler genre, 4 Pics 1 Band gives a music theme to the category. Available on Facebook, 4 Pics 1 Band follows the traditional gameplay by featuring 4 images of normal, every day items, to help illustrate the name of the band.

If you are an audiophile or music lover of any sort, you owe it to yourself to give the game a shot. My favorite part about this game is that, while some of the bands are obvious and straightforward, the developers make you think long and hard about many of the bands. As I play the game, it seems that many genres are covered and several of the bands are not on Top 40 Radio.

I enjoy the images they select to try and visually stimulate you to get the name of each word that is part of the answer to the puzzle. B.B. King was brilliant. Anyways, if you appreciate free mobile apps and want to give it a go, hours of free entertainment await.