Wordle is a word guessing game created by a software engineer for his partner to play. It’s roughly based on the children’s game hangman and more closely based on a variant called Jotto – which was converted to a TV gameshow in the 1980s, called Lingo. It was made in the summer of 2021 and was taken public on a sub-page of Wardle’s website the following October. By December 2021, it was an international sensation and one of the most talked about things in the English speaking world. It was featured on daytime talk shows, news casts and social media. In February of 2022, Wordle was purchased by the New York Times for over a $1,000,000.

The game is simple. Each day there is a secret five letter word that the player has to guess in six tries. Each guess reveals clues about the secret Wordle of the day. Letters from each guess that are not found in the secret word are highlighted in gray. Letters from each guess that are found in the secret word and are in the exact same position are highlighted in green. Letters that are found in the secret word, but are not in the correct position are highlighted in yellow. That’s it. The simplicity and the fact that there is only one puzzle each day made it fun to play. What created the viral sensation was the ability to share your results on social media, without revealing the answer. Everyone wanted to brag about their score for the day and for a short time in January/February of 2022, every social media feed was littered with hundreds of Wordle results posts.

Because of the game’s massive success and the fact that it was web-based an not available as an app on any platform, meant that hundreds of clones of the game have been released within weeks of its rise to success. There are exact clones, there are clones that allow unlimited play and there are clones with specific topics, like lewd words, numerals only, Bible words and even versions where you play multiple games at the same time.

Along with the game clones, there are plenty of helps sites popping up every day. Our favorites are Wordle Answer Today, which gives you the answer to every Wordle puzzle. You can find today’s answer, as well as all previous days answers and all future answers (until the year 2027!).

If you don’t want to just look up the answer, you might want to check out one of the Wordle Solver websites. On the solver websites, you enter the letters from your guesses into form fields specifically color-coded for green, yellow and gray letters and the site will give you a list of all the possible words that the secret word could be.