Whats Missing

What's Missing

The thing that I like about What’s Missing is the fact that every puzzle forces you to think along a certain path. Styled after 4 Pics 1 Word, this site gives you only 3 pics with a question mark for the 4th pic. This forces you to think a bit differently than its predecessors.

Instead of thinking about what common thread lies amongst all 4 pics, you now have to think about what the 4th piece to the puzzle would be. The other 3 pictures are part of a group and the 4th picture continues along those lines.

Like the other games in this genre, you are given a batch of letters to solve the puzzle. The boosts offered in this game are different than the others. Skip A Level occurs when you tap on the >> icon. Reveal A Letter will give you a letter in your answer, but is usable when you tap on the star icon.

This game seems to have only a few boosts to help you along the way. Seeing as how I don’t really like to use the boosts, Whats Missing Answers is my destination for clues and hints.