Wordfeud Cheat

Wordfeud was the original Scrabble clone for the Android platform.  4 Years later, it’s still going strong as one of the top games on Google Play.  The developers have since launched a version for iOS as well, which is available for all Apple devices.  The main difference in Wordfeud and Scrabble is just the board layout.  The letter and word multipliers are in different places.  Otherwise, it’s almost identical.  If you need help winning games, Wordfeud Cheat is your go site.  It was built to be 100% mobile friendly and it shows.  No clunky graphics or filler pages.  Just a simple, fast loading word builder form.  All you have to do is enter your rack letters and you’ll get a list of words that you can spell with your letters.  It will also give you the word length and point values of each word.  You can use the advanced search functions to search for words that start with specific letters, end with specific letters or have specific letters anywhere in them.

Try it here: Wordfeud Cheat