4 Pics 1 Song


Two of my favorite things these days are mobile apps and music. The developers of this game took the original concept and turned it on its ear. 4 Pics 1 Song takes classic songs and challenges you to guess them with visual imagery. Just as the name suggests, each level presents 4 images that convey a word. Each picture conveys a word used in the secret answer. Sleuthing the images and spelling them correctly, with the letters in your rack, is the name of the game.

There seems to be two types of music listeners – rabid fans that crave knowing all about the artists and the more casual fan that enjoys a good single track. This game is perfect for all music fans, as the focus is shifted directly on the song and not the albums, like What’s
The Band? If songs were popular before your time from other eras or you just get stuck on something that is current, visiting 4 Pics 1 Song Answers will get you back on track.