Stormfall : Age Of War is an empire strategy building game that has been available on Facebook, since 2012. The main objective of the game is to build your city, develop your troops, attack your neighbors, join leagues (aka. clans or teams) and create a city that is self sufficient and feared.

The game that it reminds me of is Civilization, but there are elements that I enjoy more with Stormfall. City building is always a fun endeavor for me and I enjoy going after the different achievements and badges for accomplishments.

The level of progression is fast in the beginning, but slows down because there are more obstacles. As you gain resources (ie. iron, food, gold), you build up your infrastructure (ie. farms, iron mines, buildings, embassy, etc).

As you build your troop counts, you can find unclaimed land that enhance your resource cache or attack neighbors and turn them into Fiefs. One of the aspects I enjoy, when playing a game like this online, is that even through a conflict, you can meet some cool people from all over the world.

The league you join is a great opportunity to meet people of different stripes, who are actually playing the game and helping each other get stronger. The team component to this game is fun and can even forge friendships, outside of Stormfall.

If you are a serious city builder fan, I recommend checking out the Stormfall Cheat Guide & Tutorial or Gamezebo for helpful strategies that will get you stronger, at a faster rate.