Pet Rescue Saga


If you are a fan of Candy Crush, then you’ve probably seen advertisements for some of their other games. King, Ltd’s second most popular app is called Pet Rescue Saga. The concept of this game is to rescue different animals that are stuck on these large towers, that have different colored blocks.

You need at least two of the same color, in order to connect them and make them disappear, thus shrinking the towers. If you’ve ever played the game Monsters, you’ll understand the concept. The more colored blocks you can get lined up, next to each other, the more damage you can do on each tap and whittle your tower down, so that your pet can escape.

Every level has different challenges and numbers of pets that you are supposed to rescue. I’ve only seen the game available on Facebook, but I know they are planning on rollouts to iOS and Android devices. Pet Rescue Cheats and Gamezebo are both great sites for tips and strategy help.