Match The Dots

I must admit that Match The Dots is one of my favorite new games. Imagine playing a game with such a clean and simplistic approach as Letterpress, but with dots. There are four colors of dots – Red, Green, Purple and Light Blue. ¬†Six levels are bundled together in “Groups”. Successfully completing each level garners you stars (think Angry Birds).

The number of stars given is determined based on how much you crush the level. If you barely beat it, you’ll get only one star. In order to unlock more groups of levels, you have to achieve a certain number of stars. Matching the dots is oodles of fun and mindless, for the most part.

Three types of puzzles exist in two different types of modes. The first type of puzzle is the color matching style. The objective is to link a minimum of 2 of the same color, based on the requirements for that level. For example, the level might ask you to acquire 50 red dots and nothing else. You still have the other three colors of dots and you have to get them out of the way to line up the right color(s).

The second type of puzzle is the diamond style. The objective here is to get the diamonds to the bottom of the puzzle. The beauty of this puzzle style is that it’s turned based. It doesn’t matter how many dots you line up in a row, just that you get the diamonds all the way to the bottom.

The third type of puzzle is the points quota style. These puzzles give you a number of turns to achieve whatever point total they want you to hit (ie. 30 turns to reach 30,000 points).

Two modes exist and the groups usually have an even split. The first mode are timed puzzles. Do one of the puzzles listed above in :30 or :60. The other mode is not timed, but has a turn limit. Some of the groups are weighted 4/2 and others are 2/4, but all in all you can expect 3 timed puzzles and 3 turn puzzles.

You can play as many times in a row as you like. There are no time periods to sit around and wait to get more turns. You can play til your heart is content. This game is a must for all ages and a great critical thinking builder for younger players.