Logos Quiz


Logos Quiz is an app that really opened up my eyes to just how much our society is inundated with branding and advertising, in general. The game is pretty straightforward. Each level features many questions in an exam structure. Once you complete all of the questions, you advance to the next level. The number of brand logos is staggering, by the way.

What I find interesting about this app is that, as I’m downloading the game, I’m confident. I think that I’m old enough to know all of these brands, hands down and think that it might be a breeze. The sobering reality is that even though I’ve seen these logos hundreds of times, a lot of them do not resonate with me. There are only a few cheat sites available for this game and Logos Quiz Answers is where I go, when I play. My time is limited and I don’t get to play it, as much as I would like, but this site is a great reference tool for when I’m completely stuck.