Icomania is a great addition to the graphic trivia genre. The levels in this game are similar to others, except they are hand drawn sketches of the clue. The artwork alone, makes this game a must have, if you’re on the prowl for the best concepts. In the game, you are given one custom drawn sketch of the clue. My recommendation is that you not be too quick to answer the level and you read the question. Sometimes, the sketch is of an item that is popular for a reason completely different than the initial intent.

For example, a custom drawing of a pizza is the clue and the question asks you to name the country of origin. It’s nice to see a fresh twist in this genre and not dozens of copy cat apps that mirror the same things. This provides you with fresh levels, interesting sketches and a well thought out game concept. Icomania Answers is my go to cheat site, but I’ve heard that Game Solver is pretty solid, as well.