Hollow Music

Music trivia apps are increasing in popularity in the iTunes App Store. There are a wide variety of games to choose from and it really depends on your personal taste for style of gameplay. Hollow Music is a newer entrant to the musical landscape and I found it to be quite witty.

The gameplay is very straightforward and the graphics are very nice. The objective of the game is to look at the letters or symbols illustrated in the picture for each level. Based on the way these are arranged, a secret band or song should emerge. Correctly guess the answer and receive coins. The coins you earn can be spent in the virtual store to buy boosts to help you in the game.

If you should happen to run out of boosts and coins, you know there will always be a few cheat sites online to bail you out. Hollow Music Answers is a site that organizes all of the levels into easy-to-find chunks for your convenience.

There are dozens of music trivia apps available for download, but this has to be one of the best. The graphics alone had me hooked. A perfect fit for music junkies everywhere!