Hi Guess The TV Show


Hi Guess The TV Show is one of a plethora of apps in the “Hi Guess” series. This particular game focuses strictly on television shows and features gorgeous, custom-made designs for each level. The user interface is fresh and completely different than the other apps in this genre. Man Zhang continues to release new variations and there really seems to be no end anytime soon.

The boosts available in this game are in the form of laptop icons. The trashcan is the symbol for ‘Remove Non-Essential Letters”, the fast forward button is the symbol for ‘Skip This Level’ and the letter ‘A’ with the paintbrush symbolizes ‘Reveal A Letter In The Clue’. You’ve got to be smart about how you use these boosts, however, because you only have a few to use. Once they are gone, you have to resort to sites like Hi Guess The TV Show Answers for the win.