Guess The 80s

Continuing to delve into the nostalgia trip, Random Logic has unveiled Guess The 80s as the sister app to Guess The 90s. The gameplay is exactly the same, except now, you get pictures of New Wave, Punk, Rubik’s Cubes and more.

The same boosts will apply for this version, as in all “Guess The” versions. Expose A Letter gives you a hint on the secret word, Remove Letters gets rid of all the useless letters you won’t need to spell it out and Solve This Question moves you on automatically to the next level.

These different eras will have fans for different reasons. Some people enjoy the 90s better than the 80s and vica versa. Either way, its hours of free fun for all. Skip the coin spending in the app store and visit Guess The 80s Answers for all your bailout needs.