Emoji Pop


Emoji Pop is yet another variation on the popular graphics trivia game phenomenon. Emoticons are the dozens of happy faces, we’ve all been able to use in our messages online. EMOJICONS are the next generation of this. Not only do you get crazy smiley faces, you also get boat anchors, books, aliens and a whole host of other cool graphics.

The game is styled exactly like the other apps in this genre, except they use Emojicons to convey the secret word. Depending on which level you’re on, there will be two or more emoji to create the word. Level 1 starts off with ten puzzles and as you proceed to higher levels, you will see even more puzzles. The options are endless and the game is easy to play and convenient on-the-go.

Emoji Pop Answers is as good a cheat site as any because they also have all of the answers for Emoji Pop Movies, as well. In my opinion, cheat sites that feature multiple games is much better for me, as time is limited and being able to easily find what I need on one site is ideal.