Emoji Pop Quiz

Emoji Pop Quiz

Emoticons are the batch of smiley faces that you can use in messages online. A new phenomenon has taken the emoticons and turned them upside down. Emojicons are hundreds of different small icons that you can create. There are definitely smiley faces, but there are also panda bears and an entire array of different cool icons to make your messages pop.

The designers behind Emoji Pop Quiz showed some wit with a graphic image trivia app that incorporates emoji to convey the secret word for each level. Every successful answer gives you bananas, instead of coins, and passage to the next level.  You can play Emoji Pop Quiz on Facebook Here:

Emoji Pop Quiz on Facebook

The customary boosts of Reveal A Letter (from the answer) and Remove Letters (from your rack) are at play. You can also purchase more bananas to use in the store if you want to bulk up on boosts. The game is tons of fun and a great way to pass the time, while waiting in lines or for appointments.

You’ve got to be super smart to get through all of the levels without getting stuck from time to time. I visit Emoji Pop Quiz Answers to get back on track. Is there another site that you like for the answers?