Doggie Let Me Out

Continuing to expand into the “room escape” arena, Man Zhang presents a new game that actually takes the concept a few steps further by introducing extenuating circumstances into the mix. Doggie Let Me Out is a free mobile app that has you searching throughout the room for something to distract your doggie, so that you can leave the room.

I know the name isn’t rocket science, but the levels that have been introduced, so far, are solid and entertaining. I’m a big fan of Man’s custom illustrations, so his graphic skills for these different rooms (ie. levels) is choice.

Like all room escape games, the objective is to search for clues in your surroundings to escape the room or area. In this game, you might need to find a tire pump to inflate a toy ball for the dog to chase, find dog food and more.

Since this is a fairly new entry, there are only 12 levels to start. It took me a bit, but I was able to get through them, except for one level that gave me trouble. I was already spending a decent amount of time trying to escape the room, so instead of organically finishing the level, I visited Doggie Let Me Out Walkthrough for the quick save.

I think what enamors me the most about this game is the fact that simple, everyday events are being incorporated into the app and pets are now involved. Before it was you versus an inanimate object and if you didn’t solve the puzzle, you were simply stuck. This game gives you pleasant distractions.