Close Up Pics

Close Up is a franchise of mobile apps, developed by MediaFlex, Ltd. Close Up Pics is the first app in this series and is a nice addition to the graphic puzzle genre. The objective of the game is to answer each puzzle correctly and as fast as you can. The speed of your answer will determine the number of points you earn for the right answer.

Another factor that determines your score are the number of times you opt to zoom out of the picture. At the beginning of the round, the image is magnified to an extreme level. If you have no clue what the answer would be, you can zoom out by tapping on the image. You have several boosts that can help you solve each level.

Skip The Level does exactly what it implies and is located to the right, on top and has a giant arrow for an icon. If you want to use this boost, it costs $1.99 in the virtual shop.

Zoom Out is a free boost that allows the image to be less magnified. You only get a few of these, so use them wisely. When you use this boost, points are deducted from your total. The magnifying glass with a minus sign, serves as the icon and it’s located on the right, in the middle.

Remove Letter is a boost that is also free, but you only have 5 at your disposal. This won’t reveal a letter in the answer, but will instead remove a letter from the pool you have to work from. This will reduce the number of non-essential letters and give you better odds of answering the puzzle correctly.

Some of the initial levels are pretty easy, but it gets more interesting, as you keep advancing. If you get stuck, you might want to check out Close Up Pics Answers, instead of spending money for more boosts.