Close Up Food

Close Up Foods Answers

Close Up Food is another addition to the Close Up franchise, created by MediaFlex, Ltd. The theme of this game is centered around foodie culture and plays in the same manner, as its predecessor Close Up Pics.

Fast Food, Organic, Vegetables, Fruits, Candy are all represented in this game. Your objective is to figure out the answer to each level. You can use one of several boosts or reach out to your social network for help.

Zoom Out is the most commonly used boost and you start off with a handful. Once you use them, they are gone and you either have to buy more or go to sites like ________________ . Other boosts include, Skip This Level for $1.99 in the app store and Remove Letter from your rack.

Socially, you can hit the Green Star icon to your left for several ways to earn free zoom outs. Inviting Your Facebook Friends, Liking On Facebook, 5 Star Game Rating (which is bribery), Downloading the Free app – Close Up Animals or Downloading the Free app – Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition, are your options.

If you decide that you want to avoid all of the enticement chicanery, you can visit Close Up Pics Answers, as your convenient, hassle-free alternative.