Close Up Animals

Close Up Animals Answers

Close Up Animals is a fun-themed free app that is part of the Close Up series of games. As is customary with all of the apps in the Close Up line, you spell out the animal, based on the letters in your rack. Time is also a factor that determines the amount of points you receive, at the end of each level, combined with the correct answer.

I like Close Up Animals better than the other versions, mainly because it gives you an ample number of Zoom Out boosts, as well as Remove Letters. The magnification for each level starts at the highest Zoom In percentage.

If you can’t figure out what the animal is, you can tap the magnifying glass and it will Zoom Out one degree. Each time you use this boost, it takes a hit on the amount of points you are awarded. I tend to avoid the app stores, altogether and highly recommend Close Up Pics Answers for the easy fix.