Candy Crush Saga


Candy Crush Saga is definitely the hottest game on Facebook and in both the Google and iOS App Marketplaces. Highly addictive and easy to play, this game combines elements of Bejeweled and Connect Four to create a masterpiece. There’s a reason that this game is so popular.

Hundreds of levels await your skill, as the developers continue to update regularly. The objective is to take 3 of the same colored jelly bean and connect them together. 3-in-a-row will wipe out that section and get you towards your objectives.

Each level can have you go after a high score, attain a certain number of candy combinations and more. It’s easy to make a 3-chain connection in the game, the real action happens, when you are able to connect 4 or more. Wrapped Candy occurs when you are able to connect 5 or more pieces together. After it forms, once you connect it with 2 other similar colored jellies, the wrapped candy will explode and knock out areas in a one square radius.

Lollipop Sprinkle candies are fantastic and require a 5-in-a-row combination. Once these are formed, you can immediately use them by merging it with a color that surrounds it. That basic function will knock out all of that same colored jelly on your screen. Merging a Lollipop Sprinkle with a Striped Candy will turn every color on the board into a striped candy, causing a ton of damage. Merging it with a Wrapped Candy will cause it to wipe out 2 sets of colors on the board, depending on the color of the wrapped piece you chose to merge.

Every level provides different excitement. The game is relevant, sophisticated and challenging. The best part is that one round of the game goes by very fast and you can play when you have the time. Not being time consuming is a convenient by-product because you can sneak a game or two in during a break and not feel guilty later.

If you need help with some of the levels and are frustrated because you can’t beat it, you’ll want to check out Candy Crush Cheats for guidance. Be prepared for a major candy addiction.