Bingo Blitz

What started out, as a straightforward game available on Facebook, has turned into a juggernaut of awesomeness. Bingo Blitz is not your ordinary round of Bingo. The creators of this game have managed to take a mundane classic and add a modern twist.

There are so many interesting things about this game that it’s tough to pinpoint. The user interface has a multitude of things happening. First of all, you have rooms that you can enter to play different types of Bingo.

Some of the early rooms are location based and feature music and bingo callers with the accents and dialects of that region. Some of these stereotypes could be considered offensive, but the intent of each room is to give some flare for that culture and ethnicity.

The Plano Room features a country gal with a very deep Texan accent. It’s a bit overboard, but if you go to your Settings Menu, you can control whether you want to hear the numbers called or would rather watch on your screen.

Every once in awhile, from the cards you select, you will randomly be given a Golden Card. This card features a jigsaw puzzle, of sorts. If you should happen to Bingo, using this card, you will obtain the object that is in shadows on the card. Each room has a dozen or more items that you need to collect, in order to complete that room.

You can ask for help from your friends, which will help you speed up through some of the more boring rooms. Coins, experience and power ups can be achieved on each round of Bingo. As you advance through levels, you receive these items, which help you obtain the power ups and keys to unlock chests.┬áThis game has something for everyone, unless you don’t like Bingo. The game is available on Facebook, iOS devices, Amazon App Store and Google Play (Android).

If you would like to check out an overview of the game, you can visit the developers site : HERE